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Our Process


Epoxy Floor Coatings - Our Process

Epoxy Floor Coatings Application Process. Our process ensures your floors are done the right way, and come with a lifetime warranty.

How We Do It:

Step 1 - Prep the Surface

We sand the floors to make sure there are no bumps to give you the smoothest garage floor surface.

Step 2 - Clean Up

Clean up any debris and sanding dust. We use an industrial vacuum to make sure we get the small dust particles.

Step 3 - Get Rid of Stains

We do this with a pressure washer. If stains are really bad, we’ll use chemical to get up oil stains.

Step 4 - Fill Cracks and Holes

If there are cracks or holes in the concrete floor, then we’ll fill those so you can get a smooth finish on your garage floors.

Step 5 - Prime and Apply Epoxy

We apply your epoxy coatings with a high-quality paint roller to get a smooth finish with no debris left behind.

Step 6 - Apply Sealant

After the final coat, we’ll apply a sealant to make sure your garage floors stay in pristine condition.

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Epoxy coatings transform your garage into a showroom.

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