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Patio & Pool Deck Coatings

Pool & Patio Deck Coatings

Pool and Patio decks are often made up of concrete which can develop cracks, stains, and sun damage. Cracks in your pool deck can put strain on your pool’s structure and cause people to trip and fall. With epoxy coatings on your pool deck, you reduce the risk of slipping, prevent cracks and sun damage, and even out the color of your pool deck to make your outdoor space look its best.

Before an epoxy coating can be added to your pool deck, the concrete must first be prepped and repaired. Our team is meticulous in ensuring that your pool deck is properly repaired, cleaned, and prepped before the addition of an epoxy coating, to ensure that the epoxy properly adheres and that you get long-lasting, high-quality results.

Our Process:

Step 1 - Sand

We sand the surface to make sure there are no bumps to give you the smoothest pool deck surface.

Step 2 - Fill Cracks

Filling cracks and holes in the pool deck gives the pool deck a smooth finish.

Step 3 - Clean

We pressure wash to remove all dirt and grime. This leaves the exterior surfaces suitable for coating adhesion.

Step 4 - Apply Epoxy

Once our extensive prep work is finished, we can apply the epoxy coating to give your pool deck the smoothest surface possible.

Epoxy Pool Deck Coatings Prevent Cracks, Stains, and Slippage

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