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FAQs Epoxy Floor Coatings

To ensure the best adhesion, our epoxy floor application is a two day process. There is also a cure time of 24 hours before vehicle traffic.

In most cases, depending on the severity, yes. We will repair the cracked concrete before application.

Keeping your epoxy floor looking brand-new could not be any easier. Simply wipe up spills with a cloth and warm water; for stubborn spots use a mild detergent.

If your concrete garage floors get wet, you’ve probably noticed that they get extremely slippery. Epoxy coatings don’t get slippery when the floors are wet, making it safer when you’re working in the garage.

Epoxy coatings resist chemical and oil stains, keeping your garage floor looking clean all the time. Simply wipe up spills with a cloth, or use a mild detergent for stubborn spots.

The Lifetime Warranty includes any repairs that would need to be done due to chemical reactions, sun damage, hot tire pickup, bleach, gas, oil… (things that the epoxy resists).

We serve Fresno, Clovis, and the Central Valley.

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