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Epoxy Shop Floor in Fresno Oil Changers by Intricate Coatings

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Intricate Coatings added this beautiful shop floor inside a Fresno local business. Oil Changer bays see upwards of 60 vehicles daily, including oil, debris, road film, and foot traffic. This means the old worn floor can’t handle any more abuse. That is until we install our Epoxy flooring with multiple clear coats. Now the newly durable floor is ready for many vehicles and the abuse that comes from servicing Fresnos drivers. Let us know if you have any ideas for your Garage or space.

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We are Veteran owned and Operated installing wonderful Garage Epoxy Floors daily in Fresno, and Clovis California.

Intricate Coatings is California’s Leading Floor Coating Company. We are garage floor epoxy coating specialists with more than 11 years of professional experience. 

We do both residential homes and commercial building floor coating work including; warehouses, industrial buildings, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical buildings, food, and beverage plants, and laboratories.

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