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Deck Crack Repair

Concrete Pool Deck Crack Repair

Concrete pool decks may crack for a variety of reasons. Most of the time it’s because of changes in seasonal temperatures. They could also crack from soil issues or leaks. Not only can cracks in your deck be unsightly, prominent, uneven cracks can cause both adults and kids to trip and fall.

Keeping concrete pool decks sealed is important because it keeps moisture from getting through any cracks. If water gets into pool deck cracks it gets into the soil under the concrete deck causing it to raise even more. If it gets really bad, it can cause in-ground pools to shift or move because of the soil movement.

How to Prevent Cracks in Pool Decks:

Apply Epoxy

Epoxy coatings can cover your entire concrete pool deck and prevent cracks from forming.

Replace With Pavers

If you’re tired of concrete cracking, pavers is a good alternative. They are spaced out a bit, allowing them to move without causing damage to the pool.


Resurfacing a concrete pool deck with a concrete overlay or microtopping can help prevent cracks.

Use a Concrete Repair Agent

A concrete repair agent can be a high strength epoxy or polyurethane fillers to fill in deck cracks.

Deck Crack Repair Can Restore Your Backyard

See the differences Intricate Coatings have made on pool decks,  patios, and garage floors.

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