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Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete floors may crack for a variety of reasons. While some cracks may indicate issues in the foundation, the most common types of cracks are normal, and not a sign of structural issues. That doesn’t mean they should be left alone, however! Not only can cracks in your concrete garage floor be unsightly, prominent, uneven cracks can cause stress on your car’s tires.

Before an epoxy coating can be added to your garage floor, the concrete must first be prepped and repaired. Our team is meticulous in ensuring that your floor is properly repaired, cleaned, and prepped before the addition of an epoxy floor coating, to ensure that the epoxy properly adheres and that you get long-lasting, high-quality results.

Concrete Repair & Prep

Our Process:

Step 1 - Sand

We sand the floors to make sure there are no bumps to give you the smoothest garage floor surface.

Step 2 - Vaccuum

We use an industrial vacuum to clean up debris and sanding dust, making sure we get the small dust particles.

Step 3 - Wash

We do this with a pressure washer. If stains are really bad, we’ll use chemical to get up oil stains.

Step 4 - Repair

If there are cracks or holes in the concrete floor, then we’ll fill those so you can get a smooth finish on your garage floors.

Repairing concrete cracks is the first step to a showroom garage

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