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Intricate Coatings Epoxy Cove System HOW TO in Fresno

Intricate Coatings shows you how we install the cove system in our Epoxy Garage installs. This is a premium option that adds a touch of class up the sides of the garage and cabinets. It will make a literal epoxy pan so water can’t soak into the edges or go under cabinets and ruin the wood. This cleans up the space and provides an easy clean water proof look. Watch this video today and see why everyone in Fresno and Clovis is choosing Intricate Coatings to install their Garage Epoxy Flooring.

Intricate Coatings is California’s Leading Floor Coating Company. We are garage floor epoxy coating specialists with more than 11 years of professional experience. We do both residential homes and commercial building floor coating work including; warehouses, industrial buildings, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical buildings, food, and beverage plants, and laboratories.

To watch our youtube channel click this link. Intricate Coatings YouTube